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Jennifer "G400" Lemley

Born Jennifer Tamayo, the first generation Cuban American female began her journey a young vibrant cello player in middle school. After graduating from high school she would follow her ambitions to college and begin studying for a B.S. in Audio Production at the tender age of 17.

Fast forward to a few years later and she found herself within the walls of one of the most famous studios in the world, The Hideout Recording Studio. She ran sessions weekly for her main artist VasLo on the biggest SSL board in North America.

Some of G400’s favorite projects that she has worked on include 

No School like the Old School a 16 track live recording of Ty Lemley

NoWhere Land’ in which she along with luthier and guitarist Austin Lane spearheaded the project

'Dirty Word Search' VasLo's most recent album and TyMena Studios breakout Album of 2020

She was crucial in the overall fundamental sound of these projects and being so we were proud to announce that she would be taking the role of Head Engineer of TyMena Studios during the Beginning of 2021

She currently is assisting in building TyMena Studios and its subsidiaries. She continuously try’s to better her ability and that of her company and has worked with a wide variety of artists in every sense of the word variety. 


IG & FB @tymenastudios


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