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This album is a decade in the making and ties together generations of entertainers. The album is the second project to come out of TyMena Productions in less than a year. The project spotlights the original brainchild of TyMena Productions, Ty Lemley as he and his hand selected master eight piece band deliver a night to remember that could never be replicated. Years later after his grandson and current C.E.O Vance Sebastien Lemley-Orlando took over the company they believed it was only fit to release Ty Lemley's first full length project in over a decade. The result is a fully converted and digitally stunning album that every entertainer, engineer and partner involved can be exceedingly proud of for years to come. As well by converting this incredible night to digital format we cement Ty Lemley in music history as a contributor to some of the most well known songs in history, demonstrate his overall mastery of music theory and reward him for his life long servitude to the industry.

Ty Lemley: Live from Las Vegas

SKU: 193428712997
PriceFrom $17.99
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