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WRP3 (Water Rolling Part 3)
VasLo featuring G400 

Director - G400

Creative Director - VasLo

Camera Ops - G400 & VasLo

Costume Designers - Alec Harris & VasLo

Co-Editors - G400 & VasLo

Visual FX Editor - VasLo

Location - Several miles outside South Fork, Colorado by Rio Grande & The Hideout in Las Vegas, Nevada

Writer - VasLo

Performers - G400 & VasLo

Recording Engineer - G400

Co-mixing Engineers - G400 & Ink Well

Mastering Engineer - Ink Well

(c) TyMena Productions 2021


Audio Production Lead - G400

Storyboard - VasLo X Paul Quiroz-Abarca

Video Production and Editing – PQA MultiMedia

Executive Production Consultant – Bryce Cole

In association with Ovadose Records

Special Thanks to Outcast Crossfit



(c) TyMena Productions 2021 

TyMena Studios Virtual Tour (2020)
As most of you know we like to include our TyManiacs in every landmark and benchmark along the way. We are happy to show the latest development in the Studio and show that dedication to one’s goals can be truly rewarding but it does take time. Follow us through a virtual walkthrough.
 Hope to see you soon. 

Dirty Deep 187
(Deep Cover Remix) 


Directed by Jennifer Tamayo

Creative Director: VasLo

Editor: Paul Quiroz-Abarca of PQA MultiMedia Production Company:

TyMena Productions

Executive Producers: Ovadose Records & PQA MultiMedia


(c) TyMena Productions 2021 

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